Programme History of Education Doctoral Summer School (HEDSS-10)

Liverpool, 13-16 June, 2019 hedsslogo3

Thursday 13th June

Opening of HEDSS-10


Central Library, William Brown Street, Liverpool L38EW (Meeting Room 2/Rooftop Terrace 4th floor)

16.00 – 18.00

Welcome by (Assoc. Prof.) Dr. Geert Thyssen, Chair of the LOC, HEDSS-10

Welcome by Prof. Angelo Van Gorp, HEDSS Lead

Tour Central Library Archive (Record Office collections) and Exhibition Space 3rd floor

Reception with canapés


Friday 14th June

Activities (keynotes, parallel presentations, dinner)

Liverpool Medical Institution & Conference Centre, 114 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L35SR

09.00 – 10.00


Keynote: Heather Ellis

Title: Historical Geographies of Education: Researching (Im)Mobilities, Movement and Flows in the History of Education

Liverpool Medical Institution (LMI)

Lecture Theatre

10.00 – 10.30


LMI – Wolfson Room

10.30 – 11.30

Parallel Sessions 1


Group A: LMI – Council Room

ChairGeert Thyssen Discussant-tutor: Frank Simon

Lucila da SilvaTowards a Genealogy of the Argentinian School Restroom (Buenos Aires, 1875-1905) 

Discussant-student: Emma Vikström

Emma Vikström – The Creation of a New Kind of Human: Ellen Key, Eugenics and Education 

Discussant-student: Lucila da Silva

Group B: LMI – Cecil Gray Room 

Chair: Angelo Van Gorp       Discussant-tutor: Ian Grosvenor

Giulia FasanHistory of Ideas in Contemporary Historiography of Education: A Historical Review in the Aid of a Proposal for Pedagogy

Discussant-student: Rodica Manolache

Rodica Manolache – Initial Teacher Education Policies in a Comparative Perspective: France and Romanian from 1990 until 2008

Discussant-student: Giulia Fasan

11.35 – 12.25


Guided Visit:

LJMU Special Collections & Archives

Aldham Robarts Library


12.30 – 13.20



Liverpool Medical Institution (LMI)

Wolfson Room

13.20 – 14.20

Parallel Sessions 2


Group C: LMI – Council Room

Chair: Ian Grosvenor   Discussant-tutor: Siân Roberts

Sabrina GonzálezSchools as Laboratories: School Teachers and the Scientific Production of Childhood in Argentina, 1880-1930

Discussant-student: Milou Smith

Milou SmithChildhood Behavioral Problems: How Bio-Psychiatry and Neuropsychology Changed their Conceptualization in the Netherlands, 1950-1990

Discussant-student: Sabrina González

Group D: LMI – Cecil Gray Room

Chair: Heather Ellis           Discussant-tutorAngelo Van Gorp

Timm Gerd Hellmanzik – Knowledge about “Turks” and “Turkey” in Pedagogy: An Analysis of Discursive Change in German Textbooks, 1839-1918

Discussant-student: Meryem Karabekmez

Meryem Karabekmez – Migration and Education of the Immigrants: From the Late Ottoman Empire to the Turkey Republic

Discussant-student: Timm Gerd Hellmanzik

14.20 – 14.50


LMI – Wolfson Room

14.50 – 15.50

Keynote: Rebecca Rogers

Title: Exploring Agency through Biography and Prosopography in Transnational Histories of Education

Liverpool Medical Institution (LMI)

Lecture Theatre

15.50 – 16.50

Parallel sessions 3

Group E: LMI – Council Room

Chair: Siân Roberts         Discussant-tutor: Geert Thyssen

Tatiana de Andrade Fulas – Education of the Blind before Braille: Printing Books in Raised Letters in the 19th Century

Discussant-student: Krishna Kanta Roy

Krishna Kanta Roy – Introduction of Computers in Indian Schools in 1980-90s

Discussant-student: Tatiana de Andrade Fulas

Group F: LMI – Cecil Gray Room

Chair: Frank Simon       Discussant-tutor: David Clampin

Jascha HookBiographies of former Teachers of the German Democratic Republic

Discussant-student: Anna Kozlova

Anna KozlovaSoviet Children’s Camps Artek and Orlyonok: Revising the State Project in Personal Experience of Pioneers and Camp Leaders (1957-1991)

Discussant-student: Jascha Hook

16.55 – 17.20

Walk to restaurant


17.20 – 19.30

Dinner at Salt House Tapas

Church house, 1 Hannover Street Liverpool L13WD

Saturday 15th June

Activities (keynotes, parallel presentations, dinner)

Liverpool Medical Institution & Conference Centre, 114 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L35SR

09.00 – 10.00

Keynote-Workshop: Siân Roberts

Title: Seeing and Feeling: Visual Archives, Emotion and the Histories of Education

Liverpool Medical Institution (LMI)

Lecture Theatre

10.00 – 10.30


LMI – Wolfson Room

10.30 – 12.00

Parallel Sessions 4


Group G: LMI – Council Room

Chair: Angelo Van Gorp Discussant-tutor: Ian Grosvenor

Keu Apoema“Lia na’in sira”, Lords of the Word: Educational Processes Related to the Customary Knowledge from Sacred Houses in the Context of the Resistance and Struggle for Independence and Nation Building in Timor-Leste (1975-2005)

Discussant-student: Sara Doolittle

Gemma PorterSocial Studies in Saskacthewan: Historical Discourse Analysis 1970-2008

Discussant-student: Keu Apoema

Sara DoolittleThe Legal Battle for Schools: Oklahoma Territory and its Role in School Segregation Law

Discussant-student: Gemma Porter

Group H: LMI – Wolfson Room

Chair: David Clampin Discussant-Tutor: Rebecca Rogers

Ellie SimpsonPhysical and Sex Education for Girls: Lessons from the Past, 1920-2020

Discussant-student: Santiago Zemaitis

Florence WenzekEducating the Elite or the Masses? Contrasting Models of Female Education in Tanzania, from the 1940s to the mid-1980s

Discussant-student: Ellie Simpson

Santiago Zemaitis – Educate Sexuality in the Late Twentieth Century: Discourses, Agents and Experiences in Sexual Education in Democratic Argentina (1984-2003)

Discussant-student: Florence Wenzek

Group I: LMI Cecil Gray Room

Chair: Clara Kassem Discussant-Tutor: Frank Simon

Emeline BrylinskiSociogenesis of Intergovernmental Co-operation in Education: From Pacifist Propaganda to Peace Education (First 20th Century)

Discussant-student: XueyuanHan

Anne CollignonConstructing a Critical Account of the Early History of a Single School: Copenhagen International School, 1962-1973

Discussant-student: Emeline Brylinski

Xueyuan HanGovernmental Cooperation between China and Germany in the Industrial Educational Field, 1921-1941

Discussant-student: Anne Collignon

12.00 – 13.00


LMI – Wolfson Room

13.00 – 14.00

Parallel Sessions 5


Group J: LMI – Council Room

Chair: Rebecca Rogers Discussant-tutor: Heather Ellis

Thaís de MeloThe College of Philosophy and Letters of the Brazilian Historical and Geographical Institute (IHGB) and the University Models in Brazil at the Beginning of the 20th Century (1915-1922)

Discussant-student: Carlos Menguiano Rodríguez

Carlos Menguiano RodríguezThe Production of a Pedagogical Elite Self-Consciousness during the Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939)

Discussant-student: Thaís de Melo

Group K: LMI – Cecil Gray Room

Chair: Angelo Van Gorp Discussant-tutor: Clara Kassem

Daniel TöpperUtopias of Rational Rule: Bureaucratization of Class Teaching in the Long 19thCentury in Prussia

Discussant-student: Sebastián Neut

Sebastián NeutThe ‘Grammar of Schooling’ in the Chilean Scholar System during the Second Half of Twenty Century

Discussant-student: Daniel Töpper

14.00 – 14.30


LMI – Wolfson Room

14.30 – 15.20

Workshop in parallel sessions

Topic: Looking Back Going Forward: School_Time in Flux and Flow in Europe and beyond

Room – Council Room

Moderators: Geert Thyssen, Ian Grosvenor, Sian Roberts, Rebecca Rogers, David Clampin

Room – Cecil Gray Room

Moderators: Angelo Van Gorp, Heather Ellis, Frank Simon, Clara Kassem

15.25 – 16.00

Walk to Liverpool Pier Head


16.00 – 16.50

Mersey River Explorer Cruise

Location: Liverpool Pier Head, Mann Island L31DP

16.50 – 19.30

Break – Optional City Tour led by a Blue Badge Guide (17.00-19.00)

Location: Liverpool Pier Head, Mann Island L31DP

19.30 – 22.00

Dinner at The Restaurant Bar & Grill

Location: Halifax House, Brunswick St, Liverpool L20UU

Sunday 16th June

No further activities scheduled

12.00                 Latest check-out time from Student Accommodation allowed. No storage of luggage possible. (See luggage storage options below.)

Option, upon proper initiative, of booking tours, visiting museums and galleries, and so on.

Info: www.visitliverpool.com 

Recommended museums and galleries:

  • Merseyside Maritime Museum and International Slavery Museum (9am-5pm, free of charge)*
  • Tate Liverpool (10am-5pm, free of charge)*
  • Museum of Liverpool (10am-5pm, free of charge)*
  • The Beatles Story (9am-8pm, tickets £17)
  • British Music Experience (10am-5pm, tickets £14)
  • World Museum (10am-5pm, free of charge)° 
  • Walker Art Gallery (10am-5pm, free of charge)°

* Lockers for larger bags (luggage) freely available.

° Lockers freely available, but visitors discouraged from bringing larger bags (luggage).

Luggage can also be left, upon payment, with “Excess Baggage co” at Liverpool Lime Street Station, opposite the ticket office (7am-11pm). More info, optional pre-booking and quotes:

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